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Matt Murray, Hampstead ChiropractorMeet Matt Murray (Chiropractor)

“Having grown up with my dad as a chiropractor, I was adjusted within the first couple of hours of being born.” Chiropractic was something Matt was familiar with his entire life. It helped him to maintain his wellbeing. He and his siblings would spend time in their father’s chiropractic office and see the impact it would have on patients’ lives.

Supporting an Active Lifestyle

As a fitness aficionado that “walks the talk” about chiropractic, Matt gets regular chiropractic care to allow him to engage in his favourite sports.

Chiropractic enhances my ability to do what I want to do and recover so I can go out and do it again.”

Providing Care for All Ages

With great enthusiasm and passion for what he does, Matt provides excellent care to patients across the spectrum, from young children to older seniors. His message to his patients is that “the body holds the key; the body may need help, but it’s what holds the key.”

Outside the Practice

When he’s not working, Matt enjoys sitting in a cafe drinking coffee with family or his significant other. He is passionate about staying active outdoors. Matt likes to mountain bike in the forest and lift weights at the gym. “If I can get to the ocean, I’m going to be in the ocean, swimming, kayaking or stand up paddleboarding.” He also enjoys outdoor activities that are somewhat reflective of his New Zealand heritage.

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