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Chiropractic Care

At Natural Health Chiropractic, our main focus is that we are performance-based in the sense that we want to maximise performance and functionality of the body, through the spine and the nervous system.

The Role of the Spinal Cord

The spinal cord runs down through the spine. So the spine is integral to housing and protecting that delicate structure; if things aren’t moving as they should, there’s increased internal stress, which can affect how the body performs and communicates. Along with that, if things aren’t moving quite right that can put increased pressure over the joints in the spine.

Our goal is to go through to make sure everything is moving as well as it can so we have minimal stress on the nervous system and minimal pressure on the joints. Through chiropractic we can help ensure there’s maximal space for the spinal nerves to exit. The result: the body is much happier, neutral and balanced.

Our Techniques

We use a range of techniques and can customise them to meet each patient’s particular needs:

This instrument-assisted technique is often used to treat back and neck pain, as well as extremities. The method uses the Activator adjusting instrument, which is an alternative to traditional manual techniques. Activator is particularly ideal for children, seniors and anyone desiring a gentle, low-force adjustment.

This technique employs a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust. The objective of Diversified is to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine.

This method, which is also called the Thompson Technique, uses a table to adjust the spine while the body is at complete rest.

McTimoney is an approach to adjusting the bones of the body to improve skeletal alignment. That alignment, in turn, helps the nervous system and entire body to work more efficiently.

Conditions We See

Here are some of the various issues for which patients seek our assistance:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Posture problems
  • Pregnancy-related pain
  • Paediatric issues

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