We provide Specialised Care for Mums & Bubs, Athletes & Active Adults.

Initial consultation (Mums & Bubs, Athletes & Adults)


Our initial consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The practitioner will take a full health history and discuss specific issues you have. An extensive examination and analysis is performed.  Depending on the results, a care plan is designed especially for you.

Care may be delayed if further diagnostics tests are needed - of if external referral is required.

Every new patient must go through an initial consultation as a first visit.


Regular visit (Mums & Bubs, Athletes & Adults)


 The purpose of these visits is to help the body function optimally.  To ensure that your program of care is obtaining the results you deserve, progressive exams are performed regularly. This determines whether or not you are improving as expected.


Osteo rehab visit (Athletes & Adults)


A service specifically for athletes and adults.  These visits are designed for rehabilitation from injury and/or surgery.


Kinesiology Taping (Athletes & Adults)


This service is provided during regular or rehab visits at no extra cost.  For those looking for taping in between visits - they can opt for this taping only session.

All new patients must go through an initial consultation as a first visit.


Massage Therapy                                                                                            Deep tissue, restorative, pregnancy.  

£45   30min

£80   1 hour