Mums & Bubs

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We are dedicated to improving function.  Our team Chiropractor specialises in:

  • Paediatric care
  • Baby cranial
  • Websters technique
  • Pregnancy care
  • Primitive reflexes restoration
  • Pelvic support
  • Spinal related bed wetting

 The focus is on pregnant women, mothers, and babies.


As we enter the world there is a lot asked of a womens’ body and that of her baby.  Whether we enter via the conventional route or through surgical intervention, or anything in between - it is important that our bodies are taken care of.  

We see pregnant women through pregnancies, and babies through their first check up - and mothers (with grown up children) who find us for their first adjustment.  Whichever stage you come to us in, we are here to help you.  

The physiological processes of a womens’ body, and of a baby’s body are unique.  The way your body functions is important – especially when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and during child birth.  We are trained to assist you.  We see everything from chronic pelvic joint inflammatory cases and severe pregnancy related sciatica, to symptom free clients who are seeking optimal spinal and body function.

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Babies are awesome individuals that have different body responses to the environment compared to adults.  Baby cranial check ups after birth are essential for finding and correcting faults from the gestation and birth process.

Little spines are also checked with the gentlest of touch.  Primitive reflexes are assessed, and if need be, restored by our chiropractor throughout the milestones babies go through.  

If you are concerned about your childs balance, coordination, attention or bladder control please contact us.

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