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We are dedicated to assessing and working with your body to improve function.  Our team Osteopath specialises in:

  • Athlete Rehab
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Spinal & Extremity Adjustments
  • Adult Osteopathic Treatments
  • Exercise Rehab Programmes
  • TMJ and Neck Treatment


The focus is on the active adult and athlete.  Our Osteopath will tailor a programme specific to your needs.  

Runners, cyclists, professional athletes, weekend golfers - whatever your passion, we are here to help.



Some of our clients require and request kinesiology taping.  Kinesiology taping is for therapeutic treatment of sports injuries and inflammatory conditions. (it is also great for supporting a pregnant tummy!)

This stretchable tape is engineered to support and encourage proper physiological function.  The taping technique helps prevent further injury, and reduces the amount of lag time between injury and a return to sport or activity.


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In instances of minor injury, activity can be continued during rehabilitation with kinesiology taping.  

We see many post surgical, and post injury cases that are referred to us for rehab and kinesiology taping.

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