Franco is the best there is. He has amazing knowledge of the body and a huge array of techniques that he incorporates into his treatments. Hes helped me over the years with a postural problem, work out related injuries and general well being. His massage and osteopathy treatment leaves me feeling taller, straighter and stronger. So please don’t steal him from me as Ill never forgive you all.
Thank you – Lisa Snowdon -TV and Radio personality

Everyone should have Chiro as part of a health routine. Couldnt live without itRalph Jainz -Finance

Nicole Scherzinger

Franco is beyond a massage therapist, he is a healer. In all my travels he is one of the best Osteopaths I know.Nicole Scherzinger -Singer and TV personality

During my build up to my English Channel relay Abby kept my neck, back & shoulders in great shape. With copious amounts of training it was important to try and keep them as injury free as possible before the big event. Training for my English Channel solo swim has now started and I know I dont need to worry about injury as the team at Natural Health Chiro will look after me leaving me to concentrate on training and being mentally prepared.Lisa Williams – Swimmer (English Channel)

I have had back issues since my teenage years ranging from a stiff neck to sciatica nerve pain. Having a history of severe pain I realize the importance of maintaining proper alignment and would recommend Natural Health Chiropractic to anyone.Monique Branchmoore – Photographer and Mother of 3 lively kids.

The Natural Health Chiropractic Clinic in Hampstead is one of the friendliest centres Ive ever visited. The treatments are painless, non-invasive and very professional. I am a physical education teacher and the benefits that I have experienced have been amazing. As well as being free of persistent aches and pains I have felt much more energized and positive. I would wholeheartedly recommend this treatment to anyone at any age.Simon Leigh – PE Teacher

My husband and I found Natural Health Chiropractic beginning of 2010 and have continued to enjoy the benefits of spinal adjustments. Especially during pregnancy- I found chiropractic has prevented me from experiencing any back pains throughout my pregnancy and allows me to be confident in going through a natural labor. It makes me feel great and I look forward to going there every time!Erlinda Sanchez – Mother

My wife, 2 kids and myself as a family, have benefited immensely. Their approach also makes the visit a fantastic experience and the kids love it too.Ahmet Arkali – Finance

I started 2 months ago and it was my first session with a chiropractor. I was a little nervous at first. However, I was amazed with my first treatment. I feel much more flexible, calmer and this means I sleep better. Ive also become more aware of my body and posture. It really is worth coming all the way over from East Ham, as Im really pleased with the results. I also owe it to myself to look after my health.Farah Resai -Teacher

Before I came here, I have had a long history of lower back and hip problems and Ive been to every clinic e.g. physio, GP, sports injury clinic and got no better. Over a 3 month course I felt a lot of difference, and notice no pain in my right lower back and felt more mobility than before. Now Im able to play cricket again with no pains.Umesh Valjee -Cricketer

As a student, I used to suffer from frequent shoulder and back pain. Since coming to Natural Health Chiropractic I am pain-free. My whole family have benefited from NHC.Anna Greenburgh -Violinist

They are practical, caring and friendly, so you can relax into the treatment feeling like you are in safe hands.Jane De Teliga -Writer

I have recommended Natural Health Chiropractic to all of my friends, many of whom now come in for treatments and the quality of their life have now improved too. They are grateful.Paola G

When I was 3 months pregnant I could hardly walk more than 100 metres before my back seized up from pain. I started Chiro treatment twice per week for 8 weeks, then weekly until the baby was born. My back was in better shape at 9months pregnant than it was at 3months I could swim and walk all over the heath. Part of my treatment was preparing my pelvis for birth. For the pushing stage I did 6 pushes in 3 minutes and the baby was out. That stage was less painful than the contractions and I had no drugs. Chiro was an important part of my pre and post birth preparation!!Kara Colclough