What to expect

Our initial consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

It will begin by filling out a history form to help us get as much information about your symptoms, medical history and general health. A practitioner will take a full history and appropriate examination to accurately assess your health, address the underlying cause of any symptoms, and identify any specific concerns.

Using the information collected from your first visit –  your chiropractor will then establish an appropriate course of care. They will prepare a report of their findings to help you understand what they can do for you to help you achieve your health goals and feel better again. This report will be explained to you on the 2nd visit. This second visit is called a report of findings.

Care may be delayed if further tests, x-rays or other information from your GP is required.

Initial consultation

The practitioner will take a full health history and have a discussion about any specific problems you have. Then an extensive spinal examination and analysis is performed. Sometimes an x-ray is needed. Depending on the results, a care plan is designed especially for you.

Initial Intensive Care

This is designed to correct the damages of the spine. The symptoms in this phase can diminish quickly, but sometimes may get worsen for a short period before improvement is seen. Just like the day after you play a new sport, you can be a bit sore.

Corrective Care

After the intensive care, the spine begins to stabilise for a longer period. The time between adjustments are longer and the results are more predictable.

Wellness Care

In the last phase, the spine is corrected and is stable. Ongoing stress can be coped with better. The time in between treatments is longer than in the previous phase. The purpose is to keep the body functioning optimally. By now, your symptoms are usually a thing of the past.


To ensure that your program of care is obtaining the results you deserve, progressive exams are performed every 12 visits. This determines whether or not you are improving as expected.